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CICOP en Leros, Grecia

3rd Hazards & modern Heritage
22-23-24 April 2009
Island of Leros, Dodecanese (GREECE)

Aim of the Conference: The Conference will provide a forum for scientists and experts in the field of vulnerability of cultural heritage to natural and technological hazards field in order to improve and update information about scientific achievements and policy in risk management. Dodecanesean islands are the appropriate locations to discuss risk assessment and remedy strategies of the cultural heritage and for the expression of intra-European cooperation and exchanges between Europe and the other continents, because of its multiethnological and millenary culture.

With the patronage of Cultural Heritage Center of UNESCO, and (u.r.): Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Prefecture of Dodecanese (Greece), Municipality of Leros (Greece), Eforia of Modern Monuments of Dodecanese (Greece), Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)-dep.tment of Dodecanese, DO.CO.MO.MO. (Greece), Greek Institute of Architecture, ARCCHIP and Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic), University of Florence (Italy), University of Aegean (Greece), Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Nottingham Trent University (England)

The H&mH, LEROS‘09 International Conference is based on papers of top specialists with the aim to elaborate state of the art conclusions and to clearly formulate the most up-to-date recommendations in the area.

The subjects will consider:

I) Natural hazards
1.Earthquake, Landslides, Fire, Floods, Winds, etc.
2.Weathering, Bio-deterioration, structural damage due to change in sub-soil conditions.
3.Case studies.
4.Prevention measures, remedy and proposals.

II) Man made hazards
1.Excessive or inappropriate use including mass tourism.
2.Conservation practice.
3.Inappropriate development.
4.Lack of a coherent heritage policy.
5.Unintended effects of social policies.
6.Air pollution.
7.Thefts, terrorism, war conflicts, arson, floods, etc..
8.Case studies.
9.Prevention measures, conservation and restoration remedy and proposals.

III) Risk assessment and management
2.Failure analysis.
3.Sustainable management of modern heritage.
4.Inventory and agreed methods at local level.
5.Risk management appraisal procedures and quality control.
6.Standard systems of recording the existence, condition and threats to cultural heritage of 20th century.

IV) Remedial steps and interventions
1.Repair and upgrading techniques: researches and applications.
2.Rettrofitting techniques for modern architectural heritage under seismic actions.
3. Policy and Management.
4. Strategies to preserve existing buildings.

V) Education
1.Cultural Identity of modern urban spaces.
2.Knowledge of modern cultural heritage and sensitization/education/participation of the citizens to the protection activities.
3.Tourism and environment enhancement.
4.Cultural heritage as a possible risk generator including risks to visitors, accessibility for handicapped etc..

VI) Underground and sub-marine Cultural heritage
1.Fruiction and Maintenance of archeological heritage.
2.Settlement and Protection of archeological discovers and sites.

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